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Welcome to the official website of the “International Iron & Steel Symposium" (İSTE-FeSt19).

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our honor to invite you to the “International Iron & Steel Symposium” which will held in İskenderun Technical University in İskenderun, Hatay-TURKEY, during November 21-23, 2019. The mission of symposium is to provide opportunities for collaboration of professionals and researchers to share and discuss existing and generate new knowledge and also problems in the field of iron and steel. The symposium covers a wide spectrum of topics, which includes technical and non-technical research areas including manufacturing, current development in Iron and Steel, new production systems, new and quality steel production, energy, quality control, marketing and finance. The symposium is also planned to be a bridge between academics, sector representatives and also senior ministry representatives. The language of the symposium will be Turkish and English.

All selected full-text papers will be published in the indexed international journal. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

On behalf of the Symposium Committee

Prof. Dr. M. Eyyuphan YAKINCI

Symposium Chair