İSTE-FeSt 2019, symposium will be held at Iskenderun Technical University in Iskenderun, where the iron and steel industry is concentrated, located in the Eastern Mediterranean region. There are 8 faculties and approximately 14000 students are studying at the İskenderun Technical University. Iskenderun Technical University, is not only the iron and steel sector centre, but also has been home to many ancient civilizations. 

İskenderun, historically known as Alexandretta and Scanderoon, is a city and the largest district at the foot of the Nur Mountains (Amanos Mountains) in Hatay Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

İskenderun is one of Turkey's largest ports on the Eastern Mediterranean, an important industrial centre and has an active, modern life with good hotels, restaurants and cafes along the palm-lined sea front. There is a variety of accommodation for visitors. 

Distinctive İskenderun dishes include Künefe, a hot dessert with cheese. The main dishes include the Turkish staples such as döner and other kebabs served in the flat dürüm bread, lahmacun and also Antakya influenced cuisine including kibbeh, and sour pomegranate syrup used as a salad dressing. İskenderun, in particular offers good quality fish and prawns.

History of this city is so rich that we advise you to come and see by yourself. The climate on this stretch of the Mediterranean is hot and humid in summer (statistical information at